Putting People Before Profit

It is our aim to help those who have been struck by unfortunate circumstance – starting with our farming communities in the Philippines and Central America.



We collect new and repurposed school supplies and distribute them to the children recently affected by the super typhoons in the Philippines.

The world’s first ever not-for-profit coconut oil helps in funding the community programs, school and home rebuilding, and more for our island community.

Earth Coco goes in and works side-by-side the families whose houses have been uprooted and destroyed by the last several super typhoons.




Before we even became a non-profit, Earth Coco has been lending helping hand to those in need. Since 2011 we have hit milestone after milestone, from giving children their first school IDs to rebuilding entire classrooms.


School Build!

We built a school last year on the island of Mina Anod for the residents and their children! It was an incredible experience that really helped a community in need.

Samar Island

Samar Island

School Supplies

After the destruction caused by Super Typhoon Haian we contributed to the community in need on Samar by providing books and school supplies to the kids going to school.

Omawas Village

Omawas Village

Houses Rebuilt

Completely destroyed after Super Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013, Earth Coco and the community got together and started to rebuild homes and schools. With limited resources we were able to help those in need.

Mina Anod Island

Mina Anod Island

School Build

In August 2015 Earth Coco Foundation built a school for the residents on Mina Anod – a small island off the coast of Eastern Samar in the Philippines. This 2 classroom building provides a much needed learning environment for the community’s children on Mina Anod – where there is no internet and sporadic electricity.