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Passion fruit is native to Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, and was named by Spanish missionaries.

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit is a very refreshing, tropical-fruit, full of phytonutrients, such as carotenes, and vitamin A, and vitamin C. It has a unique, tart, flavor that combines well with Coconut Water.
Once you take a sip of our Passion Fruit Coconut Water Fusion you will notice tiny black seeds. Even the seeds contain some great nutrients. Passion Fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals –  A, C, iron, magnesium, and more. Our Passion Fruit fusion drink has a fruity, tart flavor that is quite the crowd pleaser.

• Vitamins C & A
• Vitamin
• Lycopene
• Carotene B
• Vitamin E
• Potassium
• Iron
• Copper
• Riboflavin
• Protein